Things To Do When Staying At Cobleland: The River Trail

The River Trail is accessed via the Meadow Pitches and again is undulating but well worn, it is not wheelchair or pushchair friendly but is easier to follow than the Woodland Walk. If you stay on the path you will come to a small bridge that opens out onto Lemahamish picnic area and beach. This is also an open stretch of Forestry Land Scotland Fishing (licence permitting.) Once through the picnic area, you can turn left to loop onto the road, through the Redwood Glade and over the stepping stones to the Woodland Walk or turn right through the carpark and head to Aberfoyle. If you keep right once exiting the car park and continue on you will find a foot bridge that connects onto the Aberfoyle cycle path, you can turn left and go to Aberfoyle or turn right and return to the site.