Our Community Pledge

Cobleland Campsite, is more than just a campsite, just as its namesake a coble is more than just a type of traditional fishing boat. The Scottish version of the coble is much shallower and beamier than the English type of boat and is often used for catching salmon with ghillies often employing a smaller, better-built version for fly fishing on Scottish rivers.

More than just a boat. As the focus of a family-based economy, a coble embodied the traditions, beliefs and values of concentric human circles: its small crew, their families, the village, often required many skills and supported many local businesses… In short, a coble represented a whole community.

The coble represents a fishing industry that was sustainable due to its size that connected people more intimately with the natural world, and through it, to each other. This is a message that we strongly believe in and whilst we want to offer visitors the best experience possible we firmly believe that this can be done in a way that supports both our industry and the local community we have the privilege of residing within as opposed to at its expense.

Our Mission

In order to help our local community we will be undertaking the following:

  • Opening of a community accessible shop to help replace the recently closed community shop in the village of Gartmore
  • Regular prize draws for gift vouchers to give to our guests for the Black Bull Inn in Gartmore. Again this is a community asset in the village of Gartmore.
  • Training and skills-based learning for hospitality students studying at local colleges in the Stirlingshire area.

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Our Community Pledge

Enviromental Pledge

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