Things To Do When Staying At Cobleland: Lake Fishing

The Lake of Menteith is just 5 minutes drive from the site and you can hire a fifteen foot fishing boat on the Lake of Menteith – the most well known Trout Fishery in Scotland. It is a beautiful and natural sheltered lowland loch and is  a sizeable 700 acres and is the main venue for the National Trout Fly fishing Championships in Scotland. 

The Lake is stocked weekly , with an even distribution by boat, with top quality rainbow trout and brown trout that are reared in the location by Lake Staff. The 34 strong fleet of well maintained hire boats is equipped with reliable outboards, oars, landing nets and drogues. More boats can be made available for major events.

The fishery cabin contains a permit and tackle shop, lifejackets, wash-rooms/toilets, a gutting sink, meeting area, weigh-in hall, our offices and workshop. Rod hire is also available and needs to be booked in advance by telephone or email. The fisheries also offer disability friendly access boats should they be required.