Things To Do When Staying At Cobleland: Doon Hill / Easter Trail

Doon Hill / Easter Trail – Once into the Lemahamish car park you can pick up the Doon Hill or Easter Trails within the Forestry Land Scotland designated Routes. As featured:

The Easter Trail is a circular route that keeping left at all times will bring you back in a 1 mile loop back to the car park. Alternatively take the first right off this trail and you will head to the bridge over the Forth to Aberfoyle Cycle Track. Or take the second right to head to Doon Hill.

Doon Hill is a famous landmark due to the Reverend Robert in the 1600s writing about the fairies on Doon Hill. Legend tells that the fairies, dismayed at their secrets having being revealed, captured the Reverend and imprisoned his spirit in the lone pine tree at the summit. To access the route you can take the next right after the turning for the bridge on the Easter Park trail and follow the climb up to the summit, on descending you can head back onto the Easter Park trail, or follow the path down the hill past the churchyard into Aberfoyle.